Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tour de Porch

Summertime demands lots of porch sitting. And I plan to provide my share of the supply. That's going to be an easy task to fulfill because we have the most inviting back porch. In fact, let's just call it The Porch as in the porch toward which all other porches strive. And inviting isn't exactly the right word. Compelling is more precise, as in the "urgently requiring attention" definition. "I must sit on the porch right now, all else be damned," is the overwhelming feeling you get when you see The Porch. Everyone says so.

The reasons for this magnetic pull to The Porch might be conveyed through pictures. I'll try. But if you don't get the full effect, you are invited to come see it for yourself...if you think you have the time 'cause once you're here, expect to sit a spell.

First, The Porch is surrounded by The Yard. You've seen it before. But just know it's private, expansive and lush. So The Porch has that going for it.

The first thing you see when you enter The Porch is The Swing.

Now you cleary can see that this is no ordinary swing. The Swing was custom made by The Husband. It has 7 feet of horizontal sitting/lying down space. An average-sized grown man can fully relax in repose on The Swing without any of that annoying leg bending that is required on lesser swings. I've seen it happen. Many times.

The Swing is not only for napping. I've seen it swinging in a near-180 degree arc, propelled by the 10 legs of 5 belly-laughing children. The Swing can go from Peaceful to Thrilling in less than 6 seconds. Now that's a swing!

For those that aren't immediately drawn to The Swing on sight (hard to imagine, I know), The Swing appeals to those with more verbal needs. It has a message:

Now who could ignore such a direct command as that? To paraphrase, "Get your stressed-out butt on this swing, relax and let all the junk go!" Now that's what I'm talking about!

Once you're on The Swing, The Porch offers a feast for the eyes. There is so much to take in. Like The Dead Stick Collection guarded by The Frog

And The Decorative Birdhouses made by The Boys, picturesquely flanked by The TetherBall and Tire Swing

For those who enjoy antiquing, this activity can be done from the comfort of The Swing. You can easily take in views of a Pepsi-Cola aluminum ice chest circa mid-20th century 

A 1940's wrought iron glider with original petal yellow Naugahide cushions

 And a 1950's ice cream chair which serves as a 2010 plant stand

And finally, an ancient milk can which has been with my family for years.

If antiques aren't your thing but nature calls your name, you too can be sated on The Porch...

...by The Nature Shelves which hold all manner of rock, shell, feather, dead insect and skeletal remains

If your nature tendencies lean to the prey-predator type, there is always a cat vs. bird hunt underway.

And if whimsy (for the record, I hate that word) is more your cup of tea, The Woodland Fairies can keep you company.

The Porch has one other amenity that makes it that much more unique: The Pick-up Window.

The Pick-up Window has direct access to the kitchen which makes it perfect for passing out cool beverages and lite fare to thirsty and hungry Porch Sitters. A full service Porch can't be beat.

Now if all of this doesn't convince you that our porch is The Porch, you are a hard sell and I might just have to show you the nighttime views to win you over.

If you can't find me this summer, there is probably one last place to look...on the Tour de Porch.


  1. Yes, you guys do have a wonderful porch! I think Brian should try and sell his swing design or patent it somehow.....custom size swings by Bo Weevil. Such a great idea. Looks like the cats enjoy the porch as much as the humans, too!

  2. We need a swing. And a lovely porch to put it on : )

  3. I'm coming over! I'll running barefoot with no socks.

  4. That truly is one phenomenal porch ...

  5. I'll be there tomorrow! You have my dream porch (minus the screens).

  6. I absolutely covet everything you've captured here. I LOVE the antiques! You've incorporated an awesome selection. Maybe when you're bored with it (yeah, right) you could disassemble it and move it to my back patio?

    Wonderful world of wonder! Thanks for sharing.


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