Monday, May 10, 2010

My New Face

I have a new face! A new business face, that is. I have been walking around, talking around this little photography business of mine for quite some time. And now finally, I've put a face on it. Here it is!

And to go along with it, I have started a second blog, CDScott Photography. The new blog is an infant, barely formed. But come see what it will grow into.

And you may already know about the CDScott Photography website on zenfolio. It has gotten a little facelift lately. Come see the changes! 


  1. Cool logo....

    Your barefoot friend :)

  2. Courtney - I LOVE IT! It's so very you...

  3. LOVE the logo! Looking forward to seeing more of your "stuff"!

  4. Dad and I love the logo. Think it is great.


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