Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Forty Year Old Fourth Grader...

The best part of being a parent is having a valid excuse for doing kid things. I went on a field trip today with my fourth grader's class. Taking a fourth grade field trip as an adult is great because you actually learn a few things. We went to Annapolis and toured the State Capitol Building. Then we took a walking tour of old town Annapolis and identified the Georgian architecture. Very interesting to me. I don't know how the actual fourth graders felt about it, but the forty-something year-old fourth grader was soaking it all in.

We then went down to the Annapolis Harbor for lunch on the pier. Brown bag lunches. Hey, we're on a fourth grade field trip, remember. And then we boarded a tour boat for a cruise around the Severn River out toward the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

Lucky for us, this is Commissioning Week at the US Naval Academy so lots of special events were taking place. One such event was the arrival of the Blue Angels to the Naval Academy. And guess what? Just as our tour boat was cruising away from the dock, the Blue Angels started their practice flights over the harbor area. We were treated to an awesome display of high-speed aerobatics and aerial manuevers.  The fourth graders went wild! And at least one of the parents did too. I loved it!

The above pictures are very cool shots, but they don't give you any perspective on the size or low-flying proximity of these jets. So take a gander at this...

They were right on top of us. The sound and feel of the jets passing over was so powerful. I'll say it again...It was awesome!

And as an added bonus, I got to spend the day with my sweet son.


  1. What a great day! I bet he LOVED you being there!

  2. So jealous!

    We loved to go to the practice day...one year we were at our friends parents house, sitting around their pool. Their house was in the flight path and the pilot flipped the plane just as he flew over the pool. Seriously-we thought he waved..you could see his face. He was that low. They're amazing.

    Sounds like a great day....we miss it.

  3. You forgot the 'Something' in you blog title...did you do that on purpose or a mere oversight? That something is worth about 3 years eh? Give us a call when you can. Sean

  4. Those cloud formations are excellent backdrops! Thanks for sharing your day.

  5. OH you really should have taken our little friend with you. Cluck Cluck!!! he would have love it. I would have been going wild too. They are really awesome. Know it was a great day for you being with my sweet grandson--but remember how you weren't always pleased to have me on field trips.Love ya, Mom

  6. I agree -- awesome! I've been to the area around the naval academy and it is a great place to visit.

  7. You're from Maryland?! Cool! I was born/raised on on the Eastern shore and despite the beauty of Vermont I really really miss it down there!

    And I love that photo of the single jet in the sky. The clouds are gorgeous!

  8. That's really cool. As a teacher, it's been fun learning things I never cared about when I was a student :)

    We live near Green Bay, and every football season, fighter jets that fly over Lambeau Field on game day fly over our house several times as they lie in wait for the big moment. It's so cool to watch/listen!


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