Thursday, April 8, 2010

Catch Up and Dump

This is catch-up day.  And blog-dump day. Catching up on reading blogs that I have missed over the last week. And dumping in my blog all that you have missed over the last week.  So what have I been up to?

Went to God's country for the Easter weekend.

Don't feel slighted...I'm sure He likes where you live too. This is just one of His favorite places.

By the way, as I took this picture, it was 80° and that is a snowcapped peak in the center of the frame.

Then we decided to go see what was down in them hills and this is what we found.

I love the sound of a mountain stream...whshhhhswhwhhshhshsssshhh.

The cousins climbed a waterfall to pose for this shot.

Not sure what the crazy guy in orange in the background is doing...hunting wabbits, maybe?
But anyway, what a beautiful/handsome group! My boys love all this female attention!

Then we found a dragon egg.

Then we found this...

It's a family trait, a shared lineage, if you will.

And it seems to accompany a genetically similar smirk.

Interestingly, the three of us were contacted by Extreme Makeover - Family Edition to participate in their special BOGOBotox event.  They're throwing a third one in so really it's BOGTBotox for us. Deal!

I'm in discussions with them about my Festus eye...that'll be a whole 'nother episode.


  1. Ha-somebody is gonna love that last picture. I think you know who I'm talkin' about : )

  2. You were definitely in God's country! That last picture is hilarious!


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