Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rural Ain't A Bad Thing Afterall

I live in a rural county.  Where else can you see signs like this?

Or carnival rides and mounted horses in the same frame?

Or chickens that are actually beautiful birds?

Or a newly-shorn sheep wearing a onesy?

Or a WTFisthis?

But I didn't realize something about a rural county until I drove my husband's truck.

This is what I normally drive.

What I learned from driving my husband's truck is that I received way more
honks, waves, hoots, come-ons, hey-babies, winks, whistles, stares, ogles, leers, suggestive hand gestures,
and other male attention 
driving a big ole truck for one day
than I have in all the years driving my minivan.

Apparently, country girls got it going on.


Whaddaya think about that?