Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oh oh, We're Halfway There! Oh Oh, Livin' on a Prayer!

This post was originally intended to go out 3 hours ago. But the power went off as I loaded the last picture. So these images are 3 hours old  thus my data is obsolete.  I'll remeasure the snow again later.  But thankfully, the power is back on.  Here's the original post:

I don't know why Bon Jovi popped into my head as I looked at these images. But I do know it is supposed to keep snowing for another 12 hours.  Are we really only halfway there?!


  1. We haven't had so much as a snowflake here. My mom is also drowning in snow but the snow line must fall just between our areas. I'm not complaining!

  2. oh, i thought our 7" or so was a lot....uh hem, i feel snow-naked in comparison with your snow!

    enjoyed the wall of snow photos!

  3. holy toledo! You guys got socked. We only got minimally socked, not as bad as last weekend. Looks to be maybe a foot, last weekend was 14.

  4. major, major snow ... your little guys seem to be enjoying it, though


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