Saturday, February 13, 2010

Doppleganger Revisited

A few weeks ago all the Facebook junkies were changing their profile pictures from pictures of themselves to ones of their celebrity doubles. Doppleganger week it was. It didn't participate because I couldn't come up with anyone even close that I look like.  I concluded that a 5'1" frame topped by unruly coarse red hair and the occasional adult acne doesn't rise to the top of the celebrity cream.  Alas, the week and the fad passed.

But today I'm bringing it back 'cause I found my double!  Can you think of who it might be?  I know I'm a hard one to pin down.  But my double is soooo famous and soooo popular right now.  And my double and I have lots in common, more than just looks.  Here are a few hints.
  • we both have crazy red hair
  • we both have fair complexions (did I need to say this?)
  • we are both alive right now
  • my double can defy gravity and parts of my body defy gravity
  • my double's nickname is "The Animal" and I like animals
  • my double has clothing line 4 Target and I shop at Target
  • my double is a snow boarder and I am bored of snow
  • my double is in Vancouver right now and Vancouver is on my TV right now
There are so many similarities!  We could almost actually be the same person! But really I know there are a few minor differences. For instance,
  • my double drives a Lamborghini and I drive a minivan
  • my double has 690,056 FB fans and I have 139
  • my double has of lots trophies, medals and awards and I have lots of laundry
  • my double and I are not anatomically the same, if you know what I mean
Okay, have you guessed who it is yet? you go:

I know it might be hard to see the resemblance right away, what with all the Olympic hype surrounding Shaun, so here's a recent shot of me for comparison.

Uncanny, huh? And even weirder, is that Shaun and I at some point were in the same tele booth in London.

Even though, I had attempted to tame my crazy hair by cutting it off, you can still see the similarities. And the same phone booth! I told you the parallels were amazing!


  1. When I was watching the Olympics last night and they showed Shaun---I thought he's got Courtney's hair which I love by the way. You also have a great personality and are such a talented person. As your Mother I am so glad you aren't a snow boarder--I'd be crazier than I am if you did that. Love ya

  2. You are such a FUN friend! Thanks for making me laugh today :)


  3. You know, C, I cannot see him on TV without thinking how much he looks like you. After all, in my world, you were famous first! I hope you have survived the snow and are doing well. J


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