Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Back by Popular Demand

Because you wanted it, because I felt terrible about you not knowing, because I couldn't imagine how you were making it through the day, wondering, worrying, obsessing about what was really going on.  For these reasons, I brought it back:  my mileage tracker.  You should feel better already.  Your little savior is over there to the right again, under "Status Quo".  That means "the existing condition or state of affairs."  And I added something to it this time.  Not only will I be tracking my total running mileage from the beginning of this year, I will also be tallying the number of abdominal workouts I do.  You can see that January was a quiet month for my torso.  Apparently, my abs have been likin' their soft and squishy status quo and have said "status no" to crunches.  Unfortunately, you need a strong core to run a decent distance and not end up hunched over like a "C" at the end of your run. So my legs say to my abs, "Game on!"  Interestingly, my attitude is taking sides with my abs so we'll see how this plays out...



  1. I LIKE IT!!! I was wondering how long that would take. Nice addition BTW...let's get working on that "0"!

  2. sounds like work and discipline ...


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