Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Taking Up My Own Challenge

I leveled a challenge yesterday to anyone relaxed enough to take it: be a kid, look for a joyous moment and seize it, stop being so darn serious! Did you do it? Could you do it? I did. Here are a few things I did yesterday to make sure I got a little bit of kid back in my day:

  • Did not get up with my alarm.
  • Ate a Poptart.
  • Chased a rainbow (I know that sounds so contrived, but seriously my son and I were driving and saw one and he yelled "Follow it!!!" and we did until we had to make a left turn back to his school.)
  • Watched a very silly movie with my husband, long after we should have been sleeping, and on a Monday night no less!
  • Tried to slip as many movie quotes into normal conversation as possible (I think I hit somewhere around 10.)
  • Figured out that every single time I type "today" I always type "toady" first.  Now if that isn't a little subconscious reminder to stop being so serious, I don't know what is!
Let me know what you did to enjoy your day!  Happy Toady Today!


  1. went out to breakfast...took my mom to see The Blindside (my second time but still fun)...oh and I watched The Bachelor last night with my almost 80 year old mother which is about as far away from serious as you can get.

  2. You've inspired me to try......I also have to say that living with your brother is like being a kid sometimes.....that funny, wacky, Daley side often makes me laugh when he isn't being serious at all, just plain goofy!!
    I love the pic of Jude aboove this post, btw!! I mean above!
    HA! So much for toady!!!


  3. Hilarious photo. And I really liked your thoughts on Shutter Sisters about sometimes being led by the image to write, and sometimes the other way around....

  4. I am so glad I clicked the link to your blog from Shutter Sisters. Thanks for giving me a chuckle toady.


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