Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Choose Your Focus

Focus, focus, focus. That is something that I say frequently to my sons. Whether it be about something as mundane as putting on their shoes or the attention they pay to their homework, focus is a theme in our house. Or lack thereof.

The subject of my own focus was brought to my attention today and I thought to rate my performance. Am I focused? On what do I focus? Are the things that have my focus important? Answers: Not always. Too many things and not enough things. Some but some not.

I find that I go through phases where I will be very focused and productive in all aspects of my life, juking along, getting it all done. Then I will hit some stumbling block, in a single area, and it will upset my rhythm altogether. My rhythm has been off for a while but I feel the beat picking up, I'm stepping back into the flow and it feels nice.

So I can start my focus here..

...and take it here...
...and then to here...
...and it looks nice from all points of perspective.

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