Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More Mac n' Cheese Please!

I have two boys and I thought that we have been a busy family. The boys are in elementary school and have extracurricular activities. I thought that our schedule in the past was full. But now, as all the Fall activities are now under full swing, I see that we really were not that busy in the past. How could we have been that busy...if we actually had been, we wouldn't have time for the new commitments that somehow have been squeezed into our weekly routine. I realize that while we were sprinting around town getting to scouts and karate on time last year, there was only one child's schedule to contend with. My youngest was just along for the ride last year, with only one activity of his own. He played baseball in the Spring, but now both boys are active in karate, scouts, and piano. And the my oldest has added band and chorus. Not to mention their homework demands have grown this year too. And then there was the optional science fair which my science guys of course opted for. How do people do this?!!!

I have prided myself on the fact that we have had family dinner almost every night of the week since my oldest was born. Now I find more often that our dinners are enjoyed slugged down in shifts and the meals are less home-cooked than I prefer. The kids are happy...the more mac n' cheese the better as far as they are concerned. But while my husband rushes in and I rush out the door to take our carpooling shifts to the boys activities, I wonder where this will lead? Will we like it when we get there?

I would go on and blog a bit more about this, but we're on our way to piano lessons. Gotta go!


  1. pretty new background : )

    'tis a season...sometime you may just decide something's gotta give and probably your boys will let you know when that time is...

    see ya soon!

  2. my word confirmation was angst...hmmm....


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