Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday Adventures

Sundays are always a relaxing day at our house. It is usually the only day of the week that isn't scheduled out hour by hour. On those uncommitted days, we try to spend as much time together as a family, doing what we enjoy. This Sunday the boys took the lead and started an ecological project of sorts. While exploring a small creek in our neighborhood park, they found magic in the water.It was a magic that made them immediately join forces, two brothers with a common goal, the brotherly squabbles of the fore were forgotten, they now wanted the same thing. They had found...snails. The first thing out of their mouths..."Can we take them home, PLEEEEAASSSSE?" We agreed and the next two hours were consumed with all things snail: collecting them, discussing the habitat the boys would need to create, considering what food they would need (We Googled and found they can eat the same food as our tropical community fish. Phew!), deciding how much water they need in their new home, choosing which sticks and rocks to add for snail ambiance, sifting (yes, sifting) the play sand so their new home would be safe and unsullied. All of this activity went on while hubby and I sat and watched. I love to see the boys have an idea and run with it. They had so much fun creating their snail habitats. They really did a great job. Now our family includes 4 humans, 2 cats, 11 fish and 14 snails. And I bet it continues to grow as the summer progresses.


  1. Awesome! Happy Summer! Maybe we can get together soon and play, we could bring our snails too!

  2. Do you think Mae's croc scared away the snails today?!
    So glad to see you're back on the blog! :) Great pic's as always.

  3. Just catching up on reading posts...hope to see you all soon. Looks like lots of fun!


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