Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Appreciate the good stuff that's close to home

My hubby is a musician...a really talented one. He's one of those people that can play any instrument. Give him a few minutes and he figures it out. His main instruments are acoustic guitar and piano. On those, he's a natural. And he writes and he sings. As with most of us, his creative outlet is not where he gets to spend most of his time. He has a day job, a family, loads of responsibilities. His music buffers his sanity from the real world pressures.I don't get to see him play that often, given my responsibilities for the kiddos at home. But I was able to go to a gig this past weekend. I so enjoyed hearing him play and watching his enjoyment of playing. It's probably good that I don't get to see him play that often, because I do appreciate his talent so much when I see him infrequently. Kind of like living on the beach...you take the beauty for granted if you see it every day. After a while, you aren't in awe anymore. So I got my dose of Bo Weevil and it was great. I once again was awed by his talent.
I also had the added enjoyment of trying out my new camera in a low light setting. I got some great shots and was so pleased with the results. Sorry you missed the night, but you can enjoy a little bit of of Bo Weevil here.

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