Saturday, May 23, 2009

Who's the bird brain in this scenario?

There is a brave little bird living in our yard. She found a perfect spot to make her nest this spring. She started building it directly under the eaves on a vent cover which is shielded by a light fixture.When I noticed the first bits of moss and twig that signaled the beginnings of a nest on that spot, I thought to discourage the builder with a plastic snake. I didn't think that vent should be blocked. So I wove the snake through the vent and waited for the new neighbor to move along.

A few days passed with no new construction so I assumed the plan had worked. But suddenly the bird was back and was building with a purpose. She constructed a beautiful moss encrusted nest in a matter of hours. The most interesting thing was that she built it right around the snake. She even incorporated it into the nest's structure.We haven't identified the kind of bird she is. She's a small bird so likely a type of wren or finch. But she's clearly brave or at least alot smarter than I gave her credit for.

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