Monday, April 27, 2009

Where oh where has my little blog gone?

I's been too many days since my last post. I've been busy. The spring weather has drawn me outside and away from the computer. Here's what we've been up to.

Baseball season has started for my youngest.
The boys and I planted our very first vegetable garden.We cheated a bit by not starting anything from seed. I am too impatient and don't know if I have the ability to care for plants through that most delicate stage of development. My approach is to stick it in the ground and see what happens. Dirt, sun and water. Should be easy, right? We'll see. Right now the little garden looks very happy.

The boys made markers for each plant. They are so excited and truly consider it their garden. They chose what to plant. They actually picked broccoli! I am so proud. Believe or not, these two boys do love broccoli. Just so you know they are normal, they also chose watermelon and cantaloupe.

After all the planting and the spectating (baseball), we were thirsty. So I spent a little time organizing our weekend refreshments.
Now the weekend is over and the school & work weeks begin. But before we get too serious, my husband and I need to figure out the Morris Day's moves in "The Bird" while we watch Purple Rain. Whawk! Hallelujah! Whooaaaa!


  1. Hope we can get down your way this summer and sample something from your garden. Oh, and we can party like it's 1999 too.

  2. Great captures! Is that beer frozen?

  3. The beer is space. :-)


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