Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Walking, not running, away without a scratch

Did you notice that my mileage tracker hasn't changed in over a week? That means I haven't run in that time. Yeah, about that. Well, I took my leap and I got my answer. Yes, the going was tough. But my intuition, strongly supported by my body, told me that the training path I was on was the wrong one at this time. Sparing you the details, I over-trained and wasn't getting the restoration I needed. I reminded myself that I started running as a stress reliever, a fun, social activity. And it was that for a good long time. But lately it was creating more stress than it was relieving. I cooled my schedule for a few weeks to see if I could restore the balance and still follow the program...didn't work. So, now I am stepping waaaay back to find the joy in it again. I am much relieved with the decision and feel better already. It's nice to cut yourself a break every now and then.


  1. You made the right decision and I hope you are enjoying the rewards of a "healthier" place! That said...I already miss you like crazy!
    Signed one of your lonely and waiting running partners :)

  2. Good Gosh!!!!!!! I could have told you that months ago as your sister-in -law. FUN and RUN do not go together. Couch and Potato do! Love ya glad your joining the rest of in a more normal pace of life. Got to go workout.


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