Thursday, March 19, 2009

Take a leap

To answer my own question of a few posts ago: No, I am not comfortable. I have pushed myself on something farther than I realized and now it's getting tough. Now is when the real work begins. I thought I had already done the hard stuff, but I was wrong. Or maybe my intuition is telling me that the path I am on is not the right one for me right now. I feel out of balance and I need restoration. I'll work it out by listening to my gut. What feels right? Whichever path I choose, I must make a move, take a leap, rev my engine and go...


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  2. Listen to your gut for it is much wiser than we know..... however always get a second opinion from good friends .... we can boost your confidence when you think you have left it behind.

  3. I always work on instinct. If it really doesn't feel right after a period time try and change direction. Carla


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